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Provider Resources

helping you deliver evidence-based care

  • TEACH OUD Local Resources in Travis County, TX

    Local resources for referral within Travis County, TX

  • SHARE Approach: 5 Essential Steps of Shared Decision Making (AHRQ)

    Abbreviated guide to implementing shared decision-making with patients, including checklist and example conversation starters

    TIP 35: Enhancing Motivation for Change in SUD Treatment (SAMHSA)

    In-depth walkthrough of helping patients enhance motivation for change, including motivational interviewing and other counseling strategies

  • National Practice Guideline for the Treatment of OUD (ASAM)

    Comprehensive guideline on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of OUD, with considerations for special populations (pregnancy, chronic pain, individuals in the criminal justice system, etc.)

    TIP 63: Medications for OUD (SAMHSA)

    Comprehensive guideline on the three FDA-approved medications for OUD and other strategies and services to support people in recovery

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